Kenny Omega vs. Hirooki Goto from NJPW 2016

omega (2)

This was the finals of the 2016 G1 Climax.

For the most part, these put aside in-ring subtlety in order to portray this match as an epic conclusion to the 2016 G1 Climax. Normally, that mentality does not feel appropriate, but it’s unquestionable that the finals of a G1 Climax is the time to bust out that match style. They traded control periods for the first half to two-thirds of the match, and then just started throwing bombs until the end. They threw every move out there. The cute part was that Omega started doing Kota Ibushi’s stuff, Bloody Sunday, and then the Styles Clash. However, in the end, he still needed the One Winged Angel to finish Goto off. While this style has its limitations, there was no question that they whipped that crowd into a frenzy and that this match came off like a big deal. (***)


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